Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Changing Pictures of the Sublime Mind

Bitmap converted image

Drawn in Inkscape format SVG.

It takes time to get comfortable with new media tools such as Inkscape, but the feel of it is right.

Or as the Geeks like to say: "Spot On".

The Basic Reality of it is that Media IS changing, and if we do not want to be left behind, then we must be clever enough to adapt to the Changes.

Music has gone iPod.

Radio and TV is in Flux.

Newsprint is being set ablaze by Kindle and clones.

The cover of a recent New Yorker magazine was drawn on a iPhone App.

Things are changing fast.

Home on the Range?

And Art must find a Home in the New Topography of Digital Media.

It's not better or worse than what came before

It's Just Different.

And in the end, Art is Art.

And for that we need Artists.

As Huxley tried to tell us Years Ago: "It's A Brave New World".

There's "no smudges on my fingers".

The Toon Master.


The testing colors on the left of the pictures
are palette color smears,
and I like the flexibility to leave them in..


Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Year of Toon Pusher

The Toon Pusher cartoon was created freehand with Inkscape running in Fedora 10.

It's a sample of the quality of work that can be created with this very fine Open Source software that many people are not aware about.

A Screen Grab of the working environment is shown below (Click to see a larger image).
A lot of my best-liked Artists seem to draw with either a brush or a quill and that can be duplicated very easily with Inkscape's calligraphy/brush strokes tool. A nice thick and thin Brush-Line is shown here:

Most of my Drawings are done using this Tool.

I like the flowy feel that, to me, most resembles the movement of a drawing Pen.

Something strange to Me, is the fact that I favor drawing characters facing Left for no particular reason. It may be because I'm Right-Handed, but I have no way of proving that, it's just easier.

Well, that's it for now.

Back to the Drawing Board.